Overthrow Boundaries of Migration


Through Eramsus +, we organized the mobility program of young Mobility of Youth workers entitled “OVERTHROW BORDERS OF MIGRATION” as Youth Team. 24 young and new from Greece and 9 different countries (Norway, Lithuania, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy) visited Crete and specifically Kalamaki for seven days. It was an opportunity to meet people who have somehow experienced immigration themselves or are somehow associated with the issue. They told us about their experiences, described their feelings and tried to put us in their place to see the reasons why they would leave their homeland. As part of this program, we had the opportunity to experience the tastes and customs of other countries and to present our Cretan culture and cuisine through an evening dedicated to Crete, with live music and food. While we did a visit to the archaeological site of Phaistos.


We always consider a project inside a path with previous and future steps. So, first expectation of all the NGO’s involved is to build new and reinforce old partnership. We already discussed about how it will be important to realize future projects, especially under the framework of the Erasmus + Program. We want to continue with involving of young people of our local contexts in the process of promotion of youth active citizenship. This aspect has a very high priority for us in DRO. For these reasons, next steps we will look forward to realize are:


1.The exchange of ideas and experiences among young people and their stakeholders through the organization of other related activities in different countries of Europe.

2.The dissemination of our project results with the help of local media.




Εθελοντική Ομάδα Νεολαίας Δήμου Φαιστού ΔΡΩ

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