Our work

12012 1st Theatrical performance "See you tomorrow" 28/08/2012
22013Children football tournament (AEM team)13/03/2013
3 1st Treasure Hunt "The fates"13/03/2013
4Beach cleaning "Kakoskalo"14/04/2013
5Psiloritis race International run race02/06/2013
62nd Matala street painting16/6/2013
72nd theatrical performance20/08/2013
83rd theatrical performance04/09/2013
9Concert with local artists06/09/2013
103on3 Basketball .12/09/2013
11Christmas events22/12/2013
1220142nd treasure hunt“Zapping”.16/02/2014
13Cleaning "Kule" park in Mires06/04/2014
143rd Matala street painting.15/6/2014
15Mr N, Ligeros speech about innovation and new technologies30/08/2014
164th theatrical performance04/09/2014
17Installing a Lending Library at the Town Hall Square08/12/2014
18Mr N. Ligeros speech about Erotokritos Crete Masterpiece poem08/12/2014
192015Interview about the 3rd treasure hunt in Kriti TV30/01/2015
203rd treasure hunt "The secret of the Phaistos disc"04/02/2015
21Beach Cleaning Kakoskalo19/04/2015
22Cleaning Ruvas Forest Path10/05/2015
234th Matala street painting.14/6/2015
245th Theatrical Performance21/09/2015
2520164th Treasure Hunt "The time machine"09/02/2016
26Mr N. Ligeros speech about Game theory of John Nash16/02/2016
27Speech by Mr. N. Ligeros: "Phaistos pontential and oil industry"17/02/2016
28"No borders square" Games in Mires main street21/02/2016
29Renovation of Mires playground17/04/2016
30Renovating Mires pre-school29/05/2016
31"Wall of kindness"11/06/2016
325th Matala street painting.12/6/2016
33Concert "one night... one musical trip..."27/06/2016
34Group DRO Interview in local web TV12/07/2016
35Mr. N. Ligeros speech about theater03/08/2016
366th Theatrical Performance21/09/2016
37Mellon Run.09/10/2016
38Interview: "Volunteering in Mesara with DRO Group".29/10/2016
39Renovation of the 1st and 2nd Mires pre-school.30/10/2016
40Building our own website www.bestidro.gr.14/11/2016
41Christmas. "Event for our little friends".26/12/2016
4220171st Photography competition | subject "Christmas"05/01/2017
435th Treasure Hunt "Inheritance"12/02/2017
44Speeches & small theatrical play about proper driving mentality.25/04/2017
45Frescoes in Mires High-school with Kazantzakis & Einstein 08/06/2017
466th Matala street painting.11/6/2017
47Bone Marrow Donor Volunteer23/08/2017
48Tribute to 60 years after N. Kazantzakis death04/09/2017
49"No Borders Square" Mires street full of games08/10/2017
50Erasmus+ "Leading to Equalization".13/10/2017
51Christmas event with the assistance of Mires department of Red cross 24/12/2017
5220186th Treasure hunt "Perfect Alibi"04/02/2018
531st Cretan "Mantinada" contest | subject "Mother"27/04/2018
54Concert in Kule Park30/07/2018
55Paintings at the preschool of Zaros village21/8/2018
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