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In general:

Through erasmus +, we organized the Mobility of Youth workers Program titled: "Leading to Equalization". Youths from different countries across Europe have visited the town of Mires for one week. It was an opportunity for us to come closer to participants close to our age, to exchange views on the current issues of immigration of equality and equal opportunities. Through non-formal education methods, we have been able to enrich our knowledge and gain a more holistic view of major issues.


The impact of this project was not limited only to help the participants in the activities, we also managed to involve several young people from our team among other organisations.

We invited associations, citizens and public institutions to the intercultural evening and also to the event that took place in the Municipality of Mires town.
Actors at this event in the center of the city hall were the "The Future" and the Hellenic Red Cross of the Department of Mires.


We always consider a project inside a path with previous and future steps. So, first expectation of all the NGO’s involved is to build new and reinforce old partnership. We already discussed about how it will be important to realize future projects, especially under the framework of the Erasmus + Program. We want to continue with involving of young people of our local contexts in the process of promotion of youth active citizenship. This aspect has a very high priority for us in DRO. For these reasons, next steps we will look forward to realize are:

1.The exchange of ideas and experiences among young people and their stakeholders through the organization of other related activities in different countries of Europe.
2.The dissemination of our project results with the help of local media.

Future plans:

DRO team has succeeded in adopting two new erasmus + programs:

1)February 12-18, erasmus + "Supportive Inclusive Paths for Marginalized Youth"  Sant'Antioco, Italy.
2)March 11-18, erasmus + "Refugees Reflections" Ambite, Madrid. 

Anyone who wants to join us can contact us here for more details.

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