A major issue of our days is whether young people are active citizens and are involved in shaping the environment in which they live. But how do we ask young people to be active citizens when their view does not get the power they ought to be? And how will young people’s voice gain power when there is no incentive to express each other in their own unique way? Those are questions that should be addressed by anyone who wants to give a voice to young people.

With our unique goal of pluralism, the free expression of all of us, and our placement with reason and opinion, we have created a site through which all who wish to do so will be able to express themselves freely in every way. And when we say in every way we mean it. We built a site based on that. A site where one can express himself, another with lyrics, other with articles, other with drawings, other with music and other with any kind of expression he wants. Therefore, in our view, the “all different, all equal” recognize the need for each of us to express ourselves in a different way and take action.

Thus, we believe that by giving this stimulus, young people will begin to more externalize their ideas, thoughts, concerns, making them more active citizens.

If you want to express your thoughts or concerns in any way … BESTIDRO.gr

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