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Hi there!

My name is Kyriakos, you can send any questions or suggestions to us here.
We are aware of the fact that many people are either second-homers in Phaistos or are visiting our area often.
We would be more than happy to welcome you to our group, either as guests or as active members.

Thanks a lot,
Kyriakos | Group DRO

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*** Would you like to join the group of columnists? ***

To register you will need to send us an e-mail
at, which will contain:

1) Name - Surname.
2) Profile photo.
3) A few words about you.
4) E-mail.
5) Username.

For your article we want:

1) Subject.
2) Main text.
3) Featured image for the article (dimensions: 600*400).

Kyriakos | Group DRO.



Dro weekly meetings.. #idea_exchange, #general_conversations, #board_games and more..
-On the map below you can see our meeting place-

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