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Our group's point of view is that in order to go to a more positive route we need groups of "healthy" thinkers.

The purpose of this page is to motivate individuals or groups to help our effort to improve the region we are living in.
You can suggest your own activity and change things that are distrurbing you.

If you would like something around you to change, or if you have some idea-activity you would like to implement, either with your friends or with the help of our team, we can advise you or help you.

Fill out the form below and we will stay in contact with you.

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Το ξεκίνησε σαν μια προσπάθεια της ομάδας μας να εκφραστούν οι νεότερες ηλικίες... Παράλληλα είναι μια ευκαιρία να γνωρίσετε καλύτερα την ομάδα ΔΡΩ.. :-)

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